Built from a mission by creator Mr Kikuo Ibe to create the unbreakable watch, G-SHOCK is the watch that stunned the world with a concept for toughness that defied conventional watch-making logic. G-SHOCK creates technologically advanced watches that can resist gravity, freezing temperatures, high water pressure and magnetic fields, watches built to last forever through a constant pursuit of toughness.

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B-Grade Casio G-SHOCK GG-1000-1AER

£300.00 £150.00
B-Grade Casio G-SHOCK Premium G-Shock Mudmaster Twin Sensor Compass Alarm Chronograph Watch

B-Grade Casio G-SHOCK GPW-1000GB-1AER

£850.00 £425.00
B-Grade Casio G-SHOCK Premium Gravitymaster Black x Gold Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Watch

B-Grade Casio G-SHOCK Gravitymaster GPW-1000-1AER

£790.00 £395.00
B-Grade Casio G-SHOCK Master of G Gravitymaster with GPS time update - GPW-1000-1AER

B-Grade Casio G-SHOCK MT-G MTG-S1000V-1AER

£1,180.00 £590.00
B-Grade Casio Premium G-SHOCK MT-G Aged Silver Alarm Chronograph Radio-Controlled Watch